PM2 Runtime - 3.2 Autumn Features
As Winter is coming, we wanted to keep your application warm (up) with these new PM2 Runtime features
Manage Python Processes
With PM2, rolling restarts, monitoring, checking logs and even deploying application has never been that simple
Brave New PM2
It's been 5 years that my brain is branded PM2. Five years I'm thinking everyday about how I can help Node.js users worldwide with a set of tools that users would love
From Keymetrics to PM2+
It's been an amazing journey to build Keymetrics and PM2 through the last 5 years. I've started to create PM2 when Node.js was at the beginning of its fame, then Keymetrics was built a year after
PM2 Setup and Deployment with Ecosystem Configuration
We announced it at NodeJS paris meetup and we did it! For the release of PM2 0.9.xa new awesome and simple feature will make your life much easier